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Original Street Names:
Prior to the 1870s, the city streets had much different names:

Bond St.
1st St.
California St.
2nd St.
Hazlett St.
3rd St.
Hannah St.
4th St.
Hamilton St.
5th St.
Benton St.
6th St.
German St.
7th St.
Anderson St.
8th St.
Washington St.
9th St.
Bolivar St.
10th St.
Williams St.
11th St.
Canal St.
12th St.
Lane St.
13th St.
Taylor St.
14th St.
Liberty St.
Jackson St.
Water St.
Central Avenue
Vine St.
Morton St. (north of 3rd)
Trinity St.
Lincoln St. (north of 3rd)
Wall St.
Chase St. (north of 3rd)
Milton St.
Delaware St. (north of 3rd)

1860s City Street Map:

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