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Latest Additions

Our most recent content additions can be seen here. These will be distributed to their proper location on the website after about 3 months to make room for other new content.

Click on Any of the Pictures Below for a Larger Version

Mound Park Roller Coaster circa 1910 - not sure of the location of this ride; who knew that mounds park once had such things!

West 8th Street

Circa 1900 view possibly showing the Horne Flats which were located at 504 W 8th (now gone).

Pennsylvania Station Depot

circa 1913 postcard - demolished around 1975

Pennsylvania Station Depot

circa 1910 postcard

Downtown Flood

A March 26, 1913 flood which devastated downtown Anderson. This scene is looking west from the 8th street bridge. Water is said to have been 6 feet deep.

Bell Telephone Linegang

circa 1918

Big Four Livery

Circa 1905 - was located in Middletown.

City Hall - Fire Dept Station No. 1

Circa 1910 view - It is believed this building stood in the block which is now occupied by Key Bank (formerly Citizen's)

County Jail

Circa 1909 - demolished

The Doxey Hotel & Bijou Theater

Circa 1908 view. This building stood at 9th and Main Streets on the East side of the courthouse square.


1907 Fire

It is believed these buildings were located at 10th and Main streets where the current downtown post office branch is.

InterUrban - some great shots of the Union Traction Company in action. All circa 1937. More information about UTC is available throughout the website. More details are available via our links page.


Killbuck Mill circa 1905


Buckeye Mfg. Company circa 1905. Home of The Lambert Automobile and Trucks


Main Street circa 1910

A rare 1910 postcard of Main Street looking North from 12th Street. The building just behind the horse at left is the current location the downtown parking garage. Was still standing as late as 1969.


Main Street circa 1905

Another rare view of Main Street looking south from 9th street. The building at the left foreground is believed to be where Star China is located. The building was sadly "modernized".

Meridian Street circa 1910

This view is taken at 9th street looking Southwest. Meridian to the left, 9th to the right. The tall building at right is the former Banner Store - now the location of the Anderson Bank Tower (now PNC).

Meridian Street circa 1908

Looking North from 11th street. This is a great view of the trolley/InterUrban cars in action. Lots of people in the street as well.

Meridian Street circa 1911

Looking North from 12th street. The Union Building is at right.

Meridian Street circa 1908

Looking South from about 9th Street. Note the street clock on the right. Also, the "Greater Anderson" sign at left..

Shimer Fence Advertising circa 1910

An apparently homemade advertisement for the Spring Steel Fence & Wire Co.

West 6th Street circa 1900

A rare postcard of 6th street homes. New information from an observant viewer: this home is 836 West 6th Street and is still in existence with many updates over the years. The current view can be seen here

West 8th Street circa 1905

View looking East from Lincoln Street.

West 8th Street circa 1900

Looking East from Morton Street. The home at right is 431 West 8th. This home, and the home at left are still standing today

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