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Neighborhood Pictures & Information

This page provides a link to a vast variety of information about and pictures of the properties in the West Central Historic District (and some on the Historic West 8th Street District). If you happen to have any historic Anderson pictures please send us an e-mail.

See credits at the bottom of this page; without our great neighbors and several special books, many of these pictures might never have been seen again.

Latest Additions 2/2/2008 - A great collection of previously unseen Anderson postcards.

A selection of various homes lost or which have had major changes over the years - a historic view and today's view are included.

Location Unknown Pictures of homes thought to have been demolished or radically changed and their original location (address) remains a mystery. If you happen to recognize any of these homes please send us an e-mail.
Postcards In years past, postcards were sent from all areas of the country as people travelled. This page is dedicated to Anderson area postcards. More will be posted soon.

A collection of historic street views of the neighborhood and City of Anderson from post cards & personal collections.

Advertising Old advertising, businesses, and other note worthy pictures

Properties at risk of loss - not currently on the market.

Plot Maps NEW!!!! Plot Maps and Lot Sizes... a work in progress!!
Various historic information on areas encompassing the historic districts and other areas of Anderson. Original street names and an early map of Anderson are included here.
The 411 Historic West 10th Street project house owned by ADNA and financed by Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. Come see our progress!

Not Yet Available! We are working to document the resident history of each property in the West Central District through the use of past city directories. We hope to have this available as an online resource to those researching the history of their home. Current owners of individual houses will not be available online out of respect for their privacy.

Not Yet Available! What old house web site would be complete without a few pictures of those properties which have been altered beyond belief.


  • "The City of Anderson, Indiana, Illustrated" by John O. Hardesty published in about 1901 and reproduced in 1990 by Friends of Anderson Library
  • "Illustrated Anderson Indiana, U.S.A. 1915" by Henry R. Fish and the Anderson Chamber of Commerce.
  • Other documentation, pictures, & postcards have graciously been provided from neighborhood resident's personal collections
  • A personal photo collection (in memory of some great neighbors)
  • Jeanne Jones personal collections
  • Joyce Fischer personal collections
  • Additional pictures come from various Anderson City directories available in the Indiana Room at the Anderson Public Library.
  • Additional photos courtesy of Ward Awning who did a wonderful job of documenting the many properties they have provided awnings to over the years.
  • Since 2012, several long standing "unknowns" and missing pictures have come from the great pages remembering Anderson on facebook.
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