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By ADNA - Site Update September 21, 2014

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215 West 13th Street Renovation

Update!! This home restoration is now being completed by ADNA and HLFI. Updated pictures coming soon!

In February 2002, ADNA teamed with an ADNA member and began another home restoration. The home has details found on few remaining homes within our districts and was "at great risk" for further deterioration. With a combination of hired assistance and a dedicated group of ADNA volunteers, the property is beginning to show the fruits of our labors.

The home was converted to 4 one bedroom apartments in 1945. The property is being converted to 2 two bedroom units and will eventually be returned to single family use. Much progress has been made and work continues. We'll add more details and pictures of the project as work continues.

The house at purchase in February 2002. The home was the victim of many misguided repairs in the previous two years and was quickly falling into a desperate state.



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By ADNA - Site Update September 21, 2014