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Recent ADNA Activities:

2014 - The ADNA website is maintained by John Carmer. Sadly, the neighborhood group is no longer actively meeting. If you live in the ADNA area, why not get it started again. I'll continue to maintain the website indefinitely.

August 2007 - ADNA is pursuing the purchase of another project house with HLFI (Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana). Watch for updates!

November 2006 - The Project House is ready to sell. Without the dedicated efforts of Carolyn Dunteman - ADNA President, and Josh Stafford - our neighborhood based contractor, this project would never have been completed. Fantastic Job!!!

July 2006 - Work continues on the 214 West 13th Street project house. Projected to be completed in early August.

January 2006 - New Officers Elected: Carolyn Dunteman will assume the role of ADNA President in addition to her Treasurer duties. Ernie Deollos continues as Vice President and Connie Smith will continue as Secretary.

September 2005 - Work continues on the 212 West 13th Street project house. A new porch, facade restoration, and painting are in progress now

April 2005 - The 14th marked the last day for 307 West 12th Street. This grand home was built circa 1895. Unfortunately, neglect over the last 30-40 years as well as serious foundation problems prevented several families from fully restoring the property. As much as we hate to lose homes, there are some beyond financial feasability. The building commissioner's office issued an emergency demolition order on Friday the 11th. See the link above for pictures.

December 2004 - On the 21st, ADNA had our annual Holiday Dinner at the home of Doug and Paula Dalton. There was a great turnout and lots of good food. To those who weren't able to attend... you were greatly missed.

October 2004 - Updates have been made to the "Location Unknown" page of the "then and now" photo section. Thanks to an e-mail the homes have been identified.

October 2004 - ADNA took ownership of 212 West 13th Street in association with Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. This property will be restored.

September 2004 - A property at 225 West 13th Street was donated to ADNA by the Bank of New York. This property, unfortunately will soon be demolished as restoration is not feasible. However, this is considered a great benefit to all the residents of West 13th Street and moves forward our goal of West 13th Street improvements.



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