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Homes Then and Now
12th Street
Page Update February 15, 2014

Historic pictures from 12th Street. The properties in this area are located in the West Central Historic District.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


2xx East 12th Street

This large home was used for many years as a funeral home.


East 12th Street Homes in the 1930s.

These are believed to have been demolished.


34 West 12th in 1910

This home sat at the NE corner of West 12th and Jackson - the current location of the YMCA building

204 West 12th in 1991 and 2003

A twin to 208 West 12th to the West.


205 West 12th in 2003

This house was used as a beauty school for many years and suffered greatly from multiple additions. The house is currently unoccupied - wouldn't this make a dramatic restoration.


208 West 12th in 2003

A twin to 204 West 12th to the East.


209 West 12th in 2003

This home has been a multi-unit apartment building for many years.


214 West 12th Street

This home has fallen into steady decline over the last 10 to 20 years. According to neighbors, it was quite a showplace in the 1970s. Has great potential for restoration and is unique in style. Currently split into apartments and is not on the market.

215 West 12th in 2003
220 West 12th in 2003

222-224 West 12th in 2003

This home has been empty for many years. There are recent signs it is being worked on.

Update: This home was demolished in 2007.


223 West 12th in 2003

This unique home has seen a few changes over the years but is in mostly very original condition. Much restoration work has been done to this former apartment building in the last ten years.


227 West 12th in 2003

As is found in several homes in the district, it is difficult to determined the age of this house due to the many changes over the years.


228 West 12th in 2003

This home is a great example of properties with great potential for restoration. Features such as the eyebrow window and the rounded porch make this a house well worth restoring.

Sadly this home is boarded up and appearing it won't last much longer - updated 7/2013 .


231 West 12th in 1901 and 2001

As can be readily seen, this home has seen a multitude of changes since 1900. However, the home has always been well cared for. A great guy named Bob Cridge lived here for many years on the first floor and rented the up floors.

232 West 12th in 1915

This home was demolished in the 1970s.

237 West 12th in 2003
238 West 12th in 2003
240 West 12th in 2003

241 West 12th in 2003

This home can be seen at left in the 1917 photo of 245 West 12th.

245 West 12th in 1917 and 2003

This home has seen a few changes but has been well cared for over the years.

306 West 12th in about 1914 (top) and in 1915 (bottom) and in 2003.

The home at top was replaced with the brick foursquare (bottom) in 1915. It is thought that the original house burned down. This is currently the best picture known to exist of the original home.

The 1915 picture appears to be just after completion of construction - note the debris around the foundation and lack of curtains in the windows.

307 West 12th in 1901 and April 2005

Demolished - Years of neglect and serious structural problems led to the recent demolition of this home. Losses such as these are not taken lightly; several families had attempted restoration in recent years, but the required investment far out-weighed feasability.

310 West 12th in 1917

Many of the 1917 pictures of West 12th Street came from family photos from this property. The home was owned from the early 1900s to about 1973 by the same family. During the transition to new owners, many items, including these pictures were left in the attic.

314 West 12th in 1990 and 1994

Another "save" - this home had been converted to 3 apartments in the 1930s or 40s. The present owners have restored the exterior and interior back to its original single family configuration.

Update 7/2013 - recently sold to new owners who are planning major projects.

click here for more history

311 West 12th in 1917 (home sat between 307 and 321 West 12th)

This is the only known picture of this property. The home has been gone since at least the 1930s - most likely due to a fire. It was located directly across the street from 314 West 12th above. The lot for this property now belongs to 321 West 12th.

320 West 12th in 1988 and 2003

Another "save" - this home had been severely altered - to the point of near structural failure. The current owners did a complete exterior and interior restoration; saving a home very near demolition.

321 West 12th in 1917

In this early picture, this home is shown without its large east side addition. Following a possible fire at 3xx West 12th located to the east, the owners of this property purchase the now empty lot and added on to their house.

322 West 12th in 2005

This property was updated with a new color scheme in 2004.

330 West 12th in 1901 and 2003

This corner is now the site of the Lincolnshire Apartments which was built in the 1920s. The current owners have been fully renovating the interior and restoring the exterior.

329 West 12th in 1901, about 1917, 1970s, and 2001.

Burned down in the 1980s just as it was being prepared for restoration. The lot is now used as a part of Lincoln St. Park.

New info! The Anderson Urban League resided here at one time

40? West 12th in 1901 and 2001.

This beautiful home was a victim of apartment conversion. This happened to many of the larger homes in the area. As they deteriorated, they were lost due to neglect.

416 West 12th in the 1930s (top), 1942, and 1957 (bottom). This home was demolished in 1974.


420 West 12th in 2005

424 West 12th in 1901 and 1991

At some point the porch was reduced in size though the remaining portion appears to be a part of the original.

42? West 12th in the 1930s. This home exists today in much the same condition.
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