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Homes Then and Now
8th Street
Page Update February 27, 2014

West 8th Street is a part of the Historic West Eight Street Historic District which boasts some of our best preserved properties. Unfortunately, even here, several homes pictured have been lost.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.

  104-116 West 8th Street - sat at the corner of West 8th and Jackson facing 8th. A 1901 picture of the Elliot-Lee Apartments. These appear very similar to the Armstrong Apartments located near the Anderson police station in the 600 block of Meridian Street.

127 West 8th in 2005

A wonderful victorian cottage that was close to demolition in the early 1990s. A caring buyer fully restored the property.


204 West 8th in 2005

A Spanish Revival property which was a full blown Queen Anne style house in a former life.

212 West 8th in 2001.


215 West 8th in 2005.

226 West 8th in 1915 and 2002.

This property is currently used as a dentists office. For many years the home served as the home of the Anderson Fine Arts Center. As you can see, many changes have taken place here.


231-233 West 8th in 2005

This unique property is undergoing restoration.

30x West 8th in 2005
310 West 8th in 2005
311 West 8th in 2005
315-317 West 8th in 2005
321 West 8th in 2005
322 West 8th in 2005
328 West 8th in 2005
332-334 West 8th in 2005
338 West 8th in 1915 and in 2005. Home survives in nearly original condition.
342 West 8th in 2005



403 West 8th in 1901, 1915, and 2005.

This grand home served as a funeral home for many years and is now used as law offices.

406 West 8th in 2005.
411 West 8th in the early 1900s. This home had several rather drastic changes in the 1940s or 50s which eliminated the 3rd floor of the tower and the original porch. In it's place a new two story porch was added.
414 West 8th in 2005
421 West 8th in 2005
431 West 8th in 2005

432 West 8th in 2005


501 West 8th in 2005

50x West 8th in about 1901.

Today, this home still exists and sits just east of the liquor store (not pictured).

515 West 8th in 2005

Update: Demolition by intentional neglect.
711 West 8th in 2000.
801 West 8th in the 1930s or 40s and 2005.

822 West 8th in 2005

This restored property is getting an updated paint job.

824 West 8th in 2005

This grand home was a sad story of restoration gone wrong.

Update 2014: This property was finally restored after several close calls with the wrecking ball!

829 West 8th in 1915. The home is still in much the same condition today.
830 West 8th in 2005
832 West 8th in 2005
834 West 8th in 2005
901 West 8th in 2005
905 West 8th in 2005
907 West 8th in 2000.
9xx West 8th in 2005

920 West 8th in 1901 and the replacement house in the 1930s or 40s. The 1901 home was demolished by the owners in the 1920s for construction of a new home at the same location.

926 West 8th in 1915 and 2005.

The home was The Plum Retreat Bed & Breakfast but now is a private residence.

933 West 8th in the 1930s or 40s

  936 West 8th c1900 & c1915 and c2013 via google

This home still exists sans tower, a new porch, and has been painted white for many years
1022 West 8th in 2000.
Columbia School Village Pantry SW corner at Madison Ave
1107 West 8th in 2005

1123 West 8th in 2008

More information coming!

1203 West 8th in the 1930s or 40s and 2005..
1211 West 8th in 2005
1212 West 8th in 1915 and 2000.

1225 West 8th c1910 and in 2013 via Google maps

Thanks to family members for the historic view!!

1229 West 8th in 2005
1311 West 8th in 2005
1319 West 8th in the 1930s or 40s
1323 West 8th in 2000.
1342 West 8th in 2005
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