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Homes Then and Now
13th Street
Page Update February 1, 2008

Historic pictures from 13th Street. The properties in this area are located in the West Central Historic District.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


144 West 13th Street in 1906 and 1991.

The original entrance to this property faced what is now Brown-Delaware Street. Other than the porch changes, the property is a great example of Italianate architecture.

151 West 13th in 2001

A property with great restoration potential.


152 West 13th

This home has sadly been a multi-family apartments for many years

An ADNA Restoration Project


214-216 West 13th in 2003

More Great News!!! ADNA will be restoring the exterior of this property. This home has sat empty for two years and was rapidly deteriorating.


An ADNA Restoration Project

215 West 13th in January 2002

Great News!!! ADNA will be taking on the renovation of this property in tandem with the property owner! Stay tuned as more information and pictures will soon be posted.

Click Here for more Information


220 West 13th - craftsman style house with good restoration potential.

ADNA attempted to purchase this home in Feb. 2002. Another buyer got the property but we've yet to see any signs of activity.

UPDATE: Too far gone - demolished Summer 2010

230 West 13th in 2001 and 2007

After many years of neglect, the current owners are making great headway on this property.

300 West 13th in 1915 and 2001

One of our many "Notable" rated properties. The pictures speak for themselves.

304 West 13th in 1991 and 2001

Another "save" - though not apparent in the 1991 view, this home suffered from lack of maintenance and unrepaired fire damage for many years.

Update 2014: Sadly, this home was demolished several years ago and, in our opinion, without merit.

305 West 13th in 2003

After a great save in the 1980s, this home fell into disrepair in the 1990s. A great restoration is taking place today; photos will be posted soon

323 West 13th in 2005

This property was built around 1920, possibly replacing an earlier home. Prairie influences are apparent.

329 West 13th in 1991 and 2003

The current owners are completely restoring this property from the ground up. Note the roof and chimney details.

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