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Homes Then and Now
10th Street
Page Update February 9, 2014

Historic pictures from 10th Street. The properties in this area are located in the West Central Historic District.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


Anderson Fine Arts Center in 2005 located at the corner of West 10th and Jackson Streets

Formerly the Carnegie Library; the property stood empty for many years and was threatened with demolition. Today the building is fully restored.


Central Christian Church in 2005

This unique church sits at the corner of West 10th and Jackson Streets.


126 West 10th c1917

This home sat just East of 66 (138) West 10th below. If you look carefully, you can spot the tower on the Central Christian church in the upper right.

66 West 10th in 1895 (known as 138 W 10th after 1900) and today the Delaware Court Apartments.

In the 1st 1895 photo, the tower on 202 west 10th can be seen at left. The large house number variation may be due to house renumbering that was done in the early 1900s. Today, the Delaware Court Apts. occupy the corner where 66 West 10th sat.

Note the lower photo at left - a great portrait with baby taken in front of 66 West 10th.

Delaware Court is a multi-unit complex built in 1927 and restored in the late 1990s. Located at the corner of Brown-Delaware and 10th Streets

127 West 10th in 1915 (top) and again in the 1920s or 30s (bottom - note new porch)

Demolished in January, 1973, this home was built by Carroll K. McCullough, the son of Neil C. McCullough, who established the Citizens Banking Company in 1855.

Was home to the Waltz & Hiday Mortuary and the Hoosier Motor club in later years.



202 West 10th in 1895, 1901 and 2001

The 1895 photo is marked as Uncle Charles house.

House was demolished in the early 1974 to make room for the Brown-Delaware Expressway. The house in the right picture can just be seen at the left in the 1901 view.

More "Expressway" Details

212 West 10th in 2001

This property can just be seen at the left of the "then" view of 202 West 10th above.

In the mid-1980s, a request to turn the porte-coche into a garage and enclose the porch was denied by the preservation commission. Since that time, a new owner has fully restored the property. This is why the commission is important; a "notable" house would have been lost.

215 West 10th in 1924 and 2003

The 1924 picture shows the property just after construction.

218 West 10th in 1991 and 2003

Another "save" - in 1991 this property was in sad shape as can be seen in the picture at left

221 West 10th in 1907 and 2001

One of our "Notable" rated properties. The current owner have been actively restoring and preserving this property for over 25 years.

231 West 10th in 2003

The Central Community Chapel is one of several outstanding churches in the downtown area. This one in particular has some of the most fabulous stained glass anywhere. Strangely, the best pieces do not face the street.

222 and 226 West 10th in the 1920s (top) and in 1991 (bottom). The top picture is a group picture of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle club of the time.

301 West 10th in 2003

An original

305 West 10th in 2003

A great save. This home had been chopped into multiple apartments and was near demolition when restoration began in the early 1990s.

306-320 West 10th in the 1980s (left) and in 1991 (right).

The second picture shows 314-316 during demolition.

309 West 10th in April and September 1999. A true save in every sense. The house as it appeared in April 1999 had been an eyesore for many years. Eight units had replaced the original four. It has now been restored to the original four unit plan.
315/317 & 319-325 West 10th in a 1913 picture after a terrific storm which was documented in this postcard. 319-325 are pictured again in 2003 at right. Hopefully, someone will save this property and remove it's current aluminum encasing.

327 West 10th in 2003

The 300 block of West 10th boasts several bungalow style houses which are in great contrast to the primarily victorian area homes along the street. These were most likely built as replacement to earlier homes lost due to fire.

330 West 10th in 2003

Another of our bungalows - this one a two story design.

331 West 10th in 2003
334 West 10th in 2003

338 West 10th in 2003

This home was demolished in 2012 after a failed renovation effort.

339 West 10th in 2000.

Another save - the current owners have returned the front porch to its original open design.

340 West 10th in the 1940s and in 2001

As you can see, this property has been drastically changed. In the 1950s, the owner modernized the house.


401 West 10th in 2003

Great potential for exterior restoration; the interior has been well maintained and has a large open floor plan on the 1st floor, a fabulous open stairway, hardwood floors, and unpainted woodwork in the primary rooms.

411 West 10th in 1906 and 2000

This is an ADNA Project House in association with Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

Click here for more information

419 West 10th in 2001
424 West 10th in 1915 and 2005

428 West 10th in 2005

A nice bungalow built somewhere between 1915 and 1930

431 West 10th in 2000 and 2001.

Another recent "save" - the current owners have removed all of the artificial siding and stripped the original wood - the paint job is nearing completion. Way to go!!

501 West 10th in 2001
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