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Homes Then and Now
11th Street
Page Update February 15, 2014

Historic pictures from 11th Street. The properties in this area are located in the West Central Historic District.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


2xx East 11th in 2005

This large home was used as a funeral home for many years.

215 East 11th in 2001

Built in 1902-03, this home now is used as a meeting house for business meetings, weddings, etc.

This home is in fine original condition and is carefully maintained. It is not protected within one of our historic districts.

129 West 11th in 2003

A fantastic Italiante home. This home was restored in the early 1990s. It had been unpainted for decades.

205 West 11th in 1901, 1915, and the late 1940s or early 50s on the left and in 2003 on the right.

215 West 11th is the house with the tower in both "then" pictures (detailed below)

In the 1950s this house was used as the Norm Cook Photography Studio.

The Chamber of Commerce now sits at this location at the corner of 11th and Brown-Delaware

See Picture Above

215 West 11th in 1907

Was located where the Chamber of Commerce and parking now sit - the 2nd house west of the corner of 11th and Brown-Delaware

219 West 11th Street in 2003

A beautifully restored home

232, 230, and 220 West 11th Street in 1947 (top)

230 West 11th in 1947 (middle) and 1901 (bottom)

Demolished in the early 1980s for yet another parking lot.

227 West 11th in 1901 and in 1991/2003.

This is one of our true "Remuddlings". Fortunately, the current owner is taking on a major renovation - removing all of the T-11 barn siding!. In the bottom photo at right you can see the results of partial restoration. We hope this project continues soon.

233 West 11th in 1914 and Sept. 2001

Update: Sadly, this home burned to the ground in December 2013.

ADNA bid on this property during an auction held on 9/1/01. We lost the bid but we hope the new owner will restore the exterior of the property.

Click on either picture - there are many more "now" views plus a view from 1895!

301 West 11th in 2003

A near perfect example of an Arts & Crafts bungalow.

304 West 11th in 1958

This home was demolished in 1959 for construction of the YWCA building.

307 West 11th in 2000 & 2008

This home was moved to this location from the corner of Jackson and 11th to make way for the Tower Apartments in 1928.

309 West 11th in 2003

This brick Italianate, even with some questionable additions, is well maintained and serves as realtors offices.

321 West 11th in 1901 (top) and 1983 (bottom)

This house was demolished the day before the West Central District designation took effect in 1985. It had been in the process of restoration at the time.

332 West 11th St. in 1901 (top), 1954 (bottom) and 2001

This house was used as a nursing home for many years and now serves as a home for veterans.

As seen in the 1901 picture, the original porch was quite elaborate.

  329 West 11th St

333-337 & 3xx

3xx & 333-337

333-337 and 3xx West 11th in 1901 in front and rear views and in 2005. These homes are located on the Southeast corner of Lincoln and West 11th Streets.

The home at 333-337 is currently used as a three unit apartment building. The tower seen in the top 1901 photo was removed at some point; replaced with a gable.

The home at 3xx was moved to the rear of the lot in the 1920s, the tower removed, and became 1118 Lincoln St. A new craftsman style duplex apartment building was built on the corner as 1106 Lincoln. It is believed that 3xx originally sat at West 14th and Jackson Streets (corner unknown). A traveling house indeed!


340 West 11th in 2005

This unrestored home was used as law offices for many years.

407 West 11th at the corner of Lincoln Street in 1901 and 2001. Note the loss of the second floor porch and replacement brick porch from the 1920s or 30s. This property has a wonderful brick carriage house as well; one of the few remaining in the districts.

408 West 11th in 1991 and 1995

Another "save" - this property had been converted to a 3-unit rental property and was then abandoned - sitting empty for many years. In 1995 the home was changed back to single family use - restoration efforts continue.

411 West 11th in 2003

A great Queen Anne style home. This property was very near demolition in 2005 due to years of neglect and a leaking roof. Recently (2005) this home was purchased and is receiving much maintenance.

412 West 11th in 2003

This is an ongoing problem rental property. Note the pergola and the brick front porch. Both have disappeared - the pergola to the trash and the brick to a coating of stucco.

415 West 11th in 1905 and 1990.

Note the house at right in the 1905 picture was 421 - lost in the 1970s.

416 West 11th in 1907

420 West 11th in 1907 (top) 1991 (bottom), and 1993.

The home can just be seen at left in the 1907 view. The house at center is 416 West 11th.

Another "save".

439 West 11th in 1901 and 2005
724 Nichol Avenue in 1915. West 11th Street becomes Nichol Avenue west of John Street. Though this property in not within the districts or, technically, on 11th St. this seemed to be the best location.
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