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Homes Then and Now
Jackson Street
Page Update February 27, 2014

Historic pictures from Jackson Street. The properties in this area are not located within either of the Historic Districts. Unfortunately, nearly all of these homes have been demolished as they sat very near the downtown business area.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


625 and 621 Jackson Street c1901. The large building at back in 7th Street School. All of these buildings are gone.

Possibly lost during construction of the brown-delaware expressway in the early 1970s

30 West 5th Street c1901 and c1915 at the NE corner of 5th and Jackson.

This is the current location of the number 1 firehouse.

610 Jackson Street in 1915

907 Jackson Street in 1901 and 1991.

The house at left was demolished in the late 1960s for construction of the Indiana Gas main office in 1969. At that time the location became known as 915 Jackson.

The Governor Durbin House in 1901 and 2001 in the 1000 block of Jackson Street - 1011 Jackson can be seen at the left side of the 1901 picture.

1011 Jackson Street in 1901 (top), 1917 (bottom), and 2001. In the 1901 picture the home is identified as the C.L. Henry House - the Durbin house from above can be seen at the right side of the 1901 picture.

This property was used as the Y.W.C.A into the late 1950s before a new facility was built at 11th and Chase Streets. The building was demolished in 1960-61 to allow for construction of a drive-up banking facility - now gone as well.

To see an article about this home from Sept. 7, 1960 - click here

519 Brown St.

307 West 11th St.

1969 - Remember the penthouse atop the Tower

Tower Apartments 2005

1109 Jackson Street - location of the Tower Apartments

Three homes were moved to make way for construction of the Tower Building. Two of these have been identified - 519 Brown St. and 307 West 11th St.

In the late 1980s, the Tower building suffered a devastating fire which resulted in the building sitting empty for nearly 10 years. The building has since been completely renovated and serves as senior housing.

circa 1905


circa 1925

Repairs are currently underway (2005) on the Tower Apts. - hence the construction equipment

1111 Jackson Street in the early 1900s, 1915, and in the 1920s after the Auto Hotel parking garage was constructed (left side - top to bottom) .

The Tower Apartments were constructed just North of the Auto Hotel in the late 1920s (at right in the 3rd picture).

The Tower Apartments were restored in the late 1990s; the Auto Hotel was demolished at that time for ground level parking. The intricate terra cotta detailing from the top of the building was reused to form a blocking wall at the front of the new parking area.

1114 Jackson Street in about 1910 and the YMCA in 1951.

If you look closely at the rather poor 1951 photo you can see 1114 just to the left of the YMCA building. Today this is the site of the YMCA pool building.

The home at bottom, 34 West 12th Street, sat on this same corner



December 1960


1215 Jackson Street in 1917 and following a fire in December 1960 which destroyed the building. A new church was constructed on the same site.

1222 Jackson in 2001.

This home was lost in 2004 to make way for more parking for the YMCA.

Looking West from 1215 Jackson Street in 1917 (from church above). The Gambrel roofed house at the center of this picture still exists and sits on the SW corner of Jackson and West 13th Streets (1303 Jackson St.). The remaining properties have all been demolished.
1234 Jackson Street in about 1910. This property would have been located on the East side of Jackson Street between 12th and 13th Streets - now all parking south of the YMCA.
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