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Homes Then and Now
314 West 12th Street

314 West 12th Street
Stillwell's 2nd Addition, Lot 13, Plat 269 1/2

Constructed in approximately 1903


Date: ??? First known owner of lot is Charles L. Henry. The city directories never show him as residing at this address however he shows as owner of the property. He was an attorney and 8th district Congressman. Directories showed he lived at several places from 1882 to 1903. 1882 at 5 West Jackson, 1889 at 76 West 10th (in 1892 president of the Hoosier Glass Co.), 1896 boarded at the Griffith House, 1902 at 1011 Jackson.

May 2, 1903 - Adolph and Mattie Strauss purchased. The 1902-03 City directory shows their address as 238 West 12th. The 1906-07 directory lists Adolph as the
proprietor of the Leader Store at 807 Meridian and home at 314 West 12th.
Leader Store - dry goods, carpets, cloaks, suits.

Mar 30, 1908 - George B. and Byrd Lauderback purchased home.

Mar 17, 1911 - Nicholas J. and Mary G. Pilger purchased home. Lived here for more than 28 years.

Nov 29, 1939 - George L. and Grace E. Totten.

Aug 8, 1942 - Lillian Keesling.

Jun 20, 1946 - Elgen L. and Minnie Bell Todd bought house from George L. and R. Faye Totten. It is possible that George L. Totten at this date is the same as the one in 1939, though remarried, or the son of the first. Lillian Keesling could have been renting in 1942. Additional Information: The Todd's were responsible for the conversion of the house to apartments. The Kennedy family lived in the downstairs apartment for most of the 1950's.

May 21, 1961 - Raymond W. Duckworth purchased from the Todds. Transaction took place sometime between 5/21/61 and 9/14/61.

Sep 7, 1973 - Marie M. Hersberger - had original stained glass window at front of house in her possession. It had been stored in the garage all those years since the Todds had converted the propery to apartments. Retrieved and restored to its original location by current owner.

Sep 7, 1973 - Robert E. Savage.

Sep 11, 1974 - Sara Hill

1988 Karl and Cathyline Thorpe

Jun 25, 1990 to July 19, 2013 - John Carmer - returned the home back to its original single family configuration.

July 19, 2013 - new owner plans on continuing restoration efforts.

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By ADNA - Site Update January 5, 2014
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