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Sept. 2010 - Though we no longer put out a regular newsletter, ADNA is still alive and well; it just operates a little more behind the scenes. Your ongoing membership dues keep this website alive and provides important preservation work in association with Indiana Landmarks.

Online copies of our monthly newsletter which is distributed to each property owner and renter within the ADNA boundaries in PDF format.


Recent ADNA Activities March 2004 (98k)  
December 2003 (98k)    
June 2003 (95k) April 2003 (560k)  
March 2003 (520k) February 2003 (330k)  
January 2003 (350k) December 2002 (110k)  
November 2002 (550k) October 2002 (140k)  
September 2002 (440k) August 2002 (350k)  
June 2002 (450k) May 2002 (350k)  
April 2002 (550k) March 2002 (550k)  
February 2002 (600k) January 2002 (500k)  

2001 Newsletters:
2001 newsletters should be viewed on screen only.

September 2001 (300k) October 2001 (425k)  
November 2001 (150k) December 2001 (150k)  
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